1950’s atmosphere, vintage and rigorously pink as the name of our brand, the Pinky van welcomes you in whichever place of the city you choose. Accurately designed in respect of security regulations, Pinky represents a real private service outside your house or office, to allow yourself a moment of relax dedicated to your beauty, surrounded by smiles and professionalism.

Our vans are air-conditioned and internally organised so to maximise the efficiency of the crew, according to the quality standards already tested in the city of Milan.

Pinky does not stop!

Aware of the importance of research and development, we carry on studying the fittings in relation to the operating areas and the service needs of our business partners, all this following default and tested protocols.

Because of its ability of reaching every point of the city, and thanks to its unmistakeable visibility, the Pinky van is also usable for events and co-marketing initiatives in collaboration with external companies.