Pinky is the first worldwide brand dedicated to on the road beauty and to offering cosmetics of the highest quality, rigorously Made in Italy.

The distinctive name Pinky on the Road was created in Milan in 2015 to offer, in the place and time requested by the client, the application of regular and gel nail polish, through our unmistakeable pink vans which can be booked through an app or by telephone.

Encouraged by the rate of satisfaction of our customers, the ample mediatic acknowledgment, and by the agreements with the main companies on the territory, Pinky has incremented the number of cars: in the city of Milan itself, in one year only, Pinky has served almost 10.000 customers! All of them satisfied! All of them enthusiastic!!!

We go forward in the development of our Franchising commercial network in Italy and abroad, in order to reach out to the greatest number of customers; at the same time, we constantly work to offer products of the highest quality aimed at fulfilling the desires of the entire female audience. Where and when you want it!


Since its foundation, Pinky has set as its primary scope the implementation of a leading brand in the sector of beauty and wellbeing.

For this reason, we continually invest in the development of products to be able to offer a perfect mix of services that would satisfy, thanks to the professionality of our personnel, the entire female clientele.

The key to the success of Pinky is the anticipation of the markets trends, intercepting the most significant novelties thanks to the direct contact with our customers who, on a daily basis, step into our vans and choose our services.

What we do?

“Pinky was created to serve the female world. Our scope is to offer a simple, funny and quick service: for you to be always beautiful whenever and wherever you want!!!”

The Pinky Nails On The Road operates in three areas of activity:


Application of traditional nail polish and gel polish inside the unmistakeable vintage-inspired pink vans. 360 degrees beauty treatments which cannot be performed on the road are carried out in our contracted centres.


Production and sale of nail polishes, cosmetics, and other top-quality products dedicated to the female world, certified Made in Italy.


Initiatives of co-branding and co-marketing, including events, sponsoring, and corporate benefits.


Professionals, housewives, young women and students who have less and less time to dedicate to their beauty, overburdened with commitments, are the main target customers of Pinky. We are able to reach out to our customers in every part of the city thanks to our unmistakeable pink vans, making the fruition of our services and the purchase of our products extremely convenient.

All this thanks to a simple but innovative new idea:

“Pinky was created for you women, to be always beautiful wherever and whenever you want”.

The strong personalisation of the brand, its safeguarding and our patents combined with the highlighted critical success factors and the control over the entire value chain, make us unique and inimitable.

The Pinky personnel is made of qualified professionals constantly up-to-date with the most fashionable trends.

We, therefore, offer a high-profile service according to a studied, defined and controlled model.

We use quality products, checking the entire production chain, which is made of accurately selected suppliers, and we work continuously to widen the range of our products.